Real estate in Northern Cyprus as a place for holidays and permanent residence for Russians

Leisure and Permanent Residency in Northern Cyprus – an Ideal Solution for Russians, and We’ve Explored Three Unique Real Estate Projects That Make Life Luxurious and Comfortable Here.

Veles Homes offers villas just 500 meters from the sea. Modern technologies, comfortable systems, the option to choose color schemes and stones for finishing – each villa becomes a unique work of art. The experience is enchanting, as if reality has surpassed dreams.

AIVA, located in a conservation area, offers privacy and harmony with nature. Spacious interiors, lounge terraces, the perfect blend of modern technology with nature – here, solitude and tranquility, greatly valued, are found.

Grace embodies comfort and dignity in every detail. Luxurious villas with breathtaking views, proximity to all family infrastructure, and additional amenities create the perfect place to live.

Northern Cyprus – a corner with diverse real estate, offering luxury, comfort, and nature. Start a new chapter of life on this amazing island with VELES PROPERTY, choosing the perfect accommodation from the projects Veles Homes, AIVA, and Grace.

Learn more about real estate in Cyprus and explore reviews from those who have moved to Cyprus through the link here.

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